Fei Fei Crab & Shun De Cuisine (FFC 4)
Min Target MYR 1,000,000
Min Equity 18.18%

Minimum Investment Amount
MYR 5,000.00

Industry Overview

Market Size/Trend

The Food and Beverage (F&B) sector has a market size of US$6 billion and a growth rate of 7%-10%. Malaysia, over the last decade, has earned itself a reputation of becoming a food lover's haven and this is due to the wide variety of exotic cuisine available which are derived from the country's diverse ethnicities and its corresponding cultural composition.


Malaysia's population is young with almost half of the population (c. 45%) under 25 in 2015. Additionally, the Food and Beverage spending is expected to increase at a constant rate of 7% until 2020. This trend is a good investment opportunity for the country to increase its dynamism.


Therefore, as we offer delicious foods at reasonable prices, Fei Fei Crab is well positioned to tap on this market opportunity.

Business Model

FFC 4 Sdn Bhd focuses on the dining experience of each guest. With VIP rooms that are associated with Karaoke and one dedicated waiter, FFC 4 Sdn Bhd strive to bring out the exquisite dining experience, allowing guests to come for food and stay for a good time. Both Signature Fei Fei Crab and Shun De Cuisine are subsidiaries of So Good (Global) Berhad and is also a platform for aspiring F&B entrepreneurs and culinary lovers to work together to provide treasured taste moments to customers that appreciate high quality, affordable dining experiences.

Signature Fei Fei Crab Sdn Bhd and So Good (Global) Bhd had signed a license agreement for the trade name and logo with N.K. Tan, founder of FFC who invented numerous recipes to have exclusivity to So Good (Global) Bhd. FFC 4 Sdn Bhd will be acquiring Sri Petaling Signature Fei Fei Crab outlet and Shun De Cuisine. The purchase consideration includes including any licenses and tenancies signed and the undertaking to transfer the rights of the Businesses to the company upon request.


Awards won under SFFC includes: -

1. International Prestige Brand Award

2. SME Entrepreneurship Business Award

3. China - ASEAN Top Business Award

4. World Top Gourmet Awards

5. Golden Bull Award


The Shun De cuisine is the most well-known cuisine in the Chinese community. In fact, in China, they say, "Eating is in Shun De." Cantonese people are known to be quite particular and have high expectations about their food. All the vegetables, poultry, and ingredients have to be fresh. The timing on the cooking is very crucial. Dishes must not be overcooked, and the texture of the food has to be just right with the freshness and tenderness still remaining. For this reason, Shun De food is very popular. Soup is also essential in Shun De cuisine. It consists of different ingredients and herbs and is boiled to a rich and tasty soup before it is served. There are many kinds of soup and each soup has its own function or purpose. China women believe that "to win a man's heart, she must first learn how to cook a good pot of soup."


Shun De Cuisine is committed to this unwavering principle and picks out the best from Chinese cuisine. We offered various best and fresh live seafood. Customers who dined at Shun De enjoyed the fusion of the modern Shun De cuisines and the traditional one.

With the combination of Chinese traditional dining culture and the modern cuisine, this new dining culture which helps fulfill a wide variety of customers’ needs. Shun De management represents the contemporary operating system and a spirit of advancement, offering customers the outstanding services and cuisines. Shun De adapted an efficient mechanism to maintain the high-quality supervision.

Fei Fei Crab’s outlets in Klang Valley:-

Unique Selling Points & Competitor Analysis

Most Chinese restaurant with VIP Room is designed to serve occasional dining such as birthday celebrations, gatherings and many more. The dining frequency from these occasions, by nature, will be lower than casual dining. Therefor, restaurants with VIP room setups usually serve at a higher price point, or offer them through wedding packages. FFC 4 (Both Signature FFC and Shun De Cuisine) is in the unique spot, where its price is affordable enough to encourage casual dining, yet VIP room setup is exquisite enough to promote occasional dining. This allows us to capture bigger market with the same operational flow.

Business Traction

FFC 4, which consists of Sri Petaling Signature Fei Fei Crab and Sri Petaling Shun De Cuisine, have strong, growing revenue as below:-

Funding Objective

Fundraising amount targeted: RM 1,000,000

Use of proceeds:

30% on Branding + Marketing

30% on Operation & Maintenance

40% on Expansion

Strategic marketing campaign to increase revenue

Uphold or even elevate our service quality to enhance general dining experience

Expansion in general as a brand to strengthen our Group's exit proposition

Management Team

Jason Teo

(Executive Director)

Jason Teo is an accomplished corporate executive with years of experience in cross border businesses.  He started his career at Impressions Corporate & PR Consultants (Australia), subsequently moved to the UK and Singapore, and finally relocated back to Malaysia.  Currently he sits on the board of several private limited and public companies in Malaysia.


Tan Sue Lynn

(Operation Director)

Sue Lynn is the epitome of service leadership with 25 industrious years of experience in various service industries, including being the Director of Corporate Development of a world-renowned institution, Limkokwing University. She is driven by her passion to bring joy to others through acts of service, such as her love to cook and serve others.


It was not a surprise that she decided to shift her focus to the F&B industry three years ago. She first established a modern Japanese fish market, and followed on with her recent appointment as Director of Operations for the fastest growing seafood chain restaurant in Malaysia, Fei Fei Crab. Sue Lynn continues to serve strategically on the board of directors in several Malaysian SMEs, including serving as a strategic business consultant of 8MAD Group and wellness platform, HealthLand Capital.   


As a mother of three, Sue Lynn is an inspiration to many women who dream of making an impact in the community whilst balancing family and self-care.

Corporate Information at Glance

Name of company: FFC 4 Sdn Bhd

Registration number: 201901016857 (1326185-W)

Date of incorporation: 10 May 2019

Registered address: Suite A, 1010 Block B, Phileo Damansara II, No.15, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business address: No.1-2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Jalan Kuchai Lama 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Company Secretary: CHS Corporate Management SDN BHD

Auditor: CWC & ENG PLT (LLP0014706-LCA)

Website URL: https://www.facebook.com/SignatureFeiFeiCrab/