AgenC - Unleash Your Limit
Min Target MYR 500,000
Min Equity 3.09%
No. Of Investor 0

Minimum Investment Amount
MYR 100.00

Unleash Your Limit

Mission: Unleash Your Limit.

Vision: To initiate flourishing economic opportunity for the society.

Core Business Activities: Three main components of AGENC are mobile platform, products and training. AGENC is a mobile app that gathers all free agents in Malaysia. By being a monthly paid subscriber of this app, an agent who becomes its subscriber is entitled to sell three major products such as broadband, insurance and real estate from multiple brands as these types of products have an established market in Malaysia. It also provides trainings including recruitment, sales and leadership to its subscribers.


D      AGENC app beta launch in July 2020 and official launch in September 2020

D      Centralised and Digitalised – an all-in-one solution 

D    Strategic Partnerships with Real Estate Developers, Telco Companies and Strong Network Media Hub, My Trust and others (in discussion stage)

D   Strong and Experienced Management Team - CEO, Kam Jun Jin is a successful entrepreneur , having exited an e-sport business for 7 times the return of his investment.

D      Website:



Total employed person increased by 2% Y-o-Y from 2019 to 15.6 million. In real estate, there are 370 licensed real estate agencies (REAs) STD with approximately 111,000 real estate negotiators (RENs). On the other hand, life insurance agents and general insurance agents are at 124,596 (2015) & 124,288 (2016) respectively in Malaysia.




AGENC is a technology platform which aims to gather all freelance agents in Malaysia, meanwhile empowering freelance agents by creating a sustainable ecosystem in the sales and services industry. With this app, AGENC foresees the industry will be revolutionized as AGENC not only maintains the value of existing agencies but also connects all of them through this platform to form an ecosystem.

AGENC consolidates three main sectors i.e. real estate, broadband and insurance from various brands and offers an all-in-one program not only for existing agents, but to all Malaysians employed in the sales and services sector. AGENC platform is compatible with iOS and Android system.

Cross-selling is made possible and hence, AGENC amplifies the company's tagline i.e. unleash your limit, In additional to amplify the vision on flourishing the economy, AGENC offers no commission and overriding program to all subscribers as well.



The main components of AGENC are platform, products and trainings.

D      Platform

AGENC is a mobile application that gathers all freelance agents in Malaysia. Concurrently, it creates a sustainable ecosystem to empower freelance agents by letting them focusing on their sales work while the platform takes care of the backend documentation.

D      Product

Three major sectors i.e. real estate, insurance and broadband from multiple brands that has an established market in Malaysia will be accessible by the subscribers. Hence, this disrupts the traditional agency model.

D      Training

Subscribers are provided with professional training programs to keep up with the updates and to be apps savvy. The training program includes three main courses which are recruitment, sales and leadership.


Target to launch its beta version by July 2020 and its official version by September 2020.


AGENC classify their main competitors into 4 sectors, “Online Transactions” and “Offline Transactions” and “Renown” to “Foreign”. Their main competitor on “Offline Transactions” and “Foreign” is any other traditional agencies in the real estate, broadband or insurances. For the “Online Transactions” and “Foreign”, AGENC foresees that Sales Candy will be an indirect competitor for them, however, Sales Candy business model as a lead management company is different compared to AGENC. AGENC acknowledges that IQI is their main competitor, a global real estate company with presence in nine countries due to their sheer number of agents across the countries.

AGENC targets to be on the “Online Transactions” at the same time “renown” category as AGENC targets to be freelance agents’ top choice for its services.

AGENC strongly believes that it is able to work together with other competitors, as their business model is not in conflict with each other and will be able to create a symbiotic ecosystem which will develop the industry’s economy.


How AGENC differentiates itself from its competitors? AGENC provides an All-in-one Program which includes: -

D      Platform

o   Mobile Applications

o   Products

o   Professional Training

D      Subscribers receive full commission program for all the products that is available in the platform for subscribers.

D      Overriding Subscription Program for every recruitment done by subscribers.



AGENC is led by a team of experience and knowledgeable in the expertise of real estate, broadband and insurance professions for years.


Kam Jun Jin

CEO & Executive Director


-        Fire Dragoon Esports Sdn Bhd, Co-founder & CEO (2015 -2017)

-        Pantheon Group Berhad, Co-founder & Executive Director (2017 –2019)

He co-founded Fire Dragoon, first esports organisation in Malaysia and sold the company for 7 times the return of his investment. He then co-founded The Pantheon, the first esports centre in Southeast Asia and now is the executive director of the company. He is also the mastermind behind AGENC with the vision to create long-term ecosystem to support and maximise the growth potential of free agents


Kam Jun Yin

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director


-        KNK Development Sdn Bhd, Director (2000-2007)

-        Chester Properties Sdn Bhd, Managing Partner (2008-present)

-        Fire Dragoon Sdn Bhd, Co-Founder (2015-2017)

-        Pantheon Group Berhad, Co-Founder (2017-Now)

-        Chester Venture Berhad, CEO (2017-Now)

Since year 2000, he has begun working as a director for the KNK Development Sdn Bhd which responsible for being the main subcontractor for multimillion project such as, The Curve, Putrajaya Parcel 2G and the Sepang F1 Circuit until 2007.


Nicholas Lee Chin Kent



-        Advans Corporation SdnBhd, Co-founder & Director (2009-2013)

-        Media Hub Ventures, Director (2017 -2019)

-        Media Hub Broadband Sdn Bhd, Co-founder & Director (2019 -Now)

Nicholas has been in the Telco line for more than 10 years and he started his first business, Advans Corporation Sdn Bhd in 2009 which he co-founded with other partners and manage to gain profits from the selling the company on 2013. Since then, he pushed himself further in the Telco industry and co-founded Media Hub Broadband Sdn Bhd on 2019.


Ben Chan Teck Lian

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director


-        MTC communication Sdn Bhd, Founder (2016 -Now)

Ben Chan has been into the Telco industry for more than 12 years and he has been received several achievements nationwide.


-        Excellence Dealer Performance

-        Top Business Partner Sales Performance Awards

-        Excellence in Business Partner Awards by Celcom SMB

Jacky Chin Chun Seong

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director


-        Public Bank Berhad, Mortgage Loan Banker (2009-2011)

-        Hong Leong Assurance Berhad, Agency Manager (2011 -Now)

-        My Trust Consultation Sdn Bhd, Founder (2018 -Now)

Jacky begins his career as a marketing executive at the early of 2009. However, he manages to find his paths as a banker in financial industry. Since then, he steps up into a new path for him which led him achieving several achievements.


-        Million Dollar Round Table, 2014

-        International Awardees, 2011-2014

-        Million Dollar Agency Awards for 5 years

-        Nationwide Champion Master Builder Award, 2017 & 2018


D     Targeted fund raise amount – Minimum of RM 500,000 and Maximum of RM 1,000,000.

D      Pre- Money Valuation of RM 15,666,667

D      Use of Proceeds are as follows:



Instrument                       : Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (“RCPS”)

Dividend                           : Cumulative 12% per annum

Maturity Period               : 3 years

Redemption                     : Investment amount + 50% premium upon maturity