AUM – – Empowering SMEs Through Digital Commerce
Min Target MYR 250,000
Min Equity 7.69%
No. Of Investor 0

Minimum Investment Amount
MYR 100.00


  • Huge market potential: 65mil establishments of SMEs in the ASEAN region
  • Complete digital marketing solutions: Akademi Usahawan Mikro Sdn Bhd ("AUM") services ranges from Social Media Marketing, Digital System Adoption, Web development & Updates, Cross-Border Payment Gateway & Last Mile Delivery & Agent System
  • Extensive strategic relationships with Government Agencies, Higher Learning Institutions, International Certification Bodies and NGOs relating to SME Development 
  • Website:


The value of ASEAN's e-commerce has expanded sevenfold in just four years, rising from RM28.3 billion (US$5.5) billion in 2015 to over RM 164.33 billion (US$38 billion) in 2019. The sector is on track to exceed RM648.67 billion (US$150 billion) by 2025. With 65mil establishments of SMEs in the ASEAN region, there is a huge market for digital marketing among SMEs.


Research Gate, 2017; The ASEAN Post, 2019


The majority of SME owners tend to rely on Social Media and Messaging App to build an online presence. Since most of the SME owners lack resources and capacity to create a webstore, business owners would focus on conventional offline strategy to promote their business. In consideration of the restrictions on Social Media and Messaging App, building a webstore will help SME owners in creating a professional sales channel that generates additional income.


Akademi Usahawan Mikro Sdn Bhd ("AUM") provides training and education on digitalization of business that delivers digital marketing and e-commerce solutions to entrepreneurs through its Digital Business Innovation Hub & Entrepreneurship Skill Development Hub. In particular, AUM introduced – a Facebook Powered E-commerce Webstore.



AUM provides a learning platform to entrepreneurs and working adults through 2 main hubs:

  1. Digital Business Innovation Hub
  2. Entrepreneurship Skill Development Hub




Besides that, the company also provides online virtual e-commerce workshop to the public. To enhance these programs, AUM works very closely with Government Agencies, Higher Learning Institutions, International Certification Bodies and NGOs to equip entrepreneurs and working adults with world class technology and learning programs. AUM organizes workshop for these agencies and institutions. Some of the partners that AUM has previously collaborated with include MDEC, MTIB, INSKEN, SITEC and many others. 


Digasto Software

AUM provides SMEs with its Digital Solution Digasto – a Facebook Powered E-commerce Webstore. AUM has obtained license from Pagevamp to become a reseller of the website building service- Digasto. Digasto is an e-commerce portal that helps businesses to create a professional webstore, turning their Facebook Page into a professional, mobile-optimised web store effortlessly.


AUM is now offering 2 packages to startups and SMEs, namely Crystal package and Diamond package. For both of these packages, AUM is offering:


-       Full access to Digasto (1 year)

-       Digasto online tutorial & Helpdesk (1 year)

-       International support (Email) (1 year)

-       Local online support (Whatsapp) (1 year)

-       Free domain (.com) or existing domain setup

-       Unlimited website hosting (1 year)

-       Cross border payment gateway system (1 year)

-       Cross border e-commerce system (1 year) 

-       Local payment gateway system (1 year)

-       Local e-commerce and dropship system (1 year)

-       2 hours virtual monthly group coaching (up to 3 times)

-       1-day exclusive personalized coaching & consultation (Only available to subscriber of Diamond package)


Kumoten and iBeli Subscription

AUM is also currently in discussion with Kumoten and iBeli for a potential partnership where AUM will act as a referral and receive a commission from sales generated and subscription fees when entrepreneurs sign up on each of the platforms. 


Digital marketing service

AUM is also planning to launch its digital marketing service in the future. This service would involve updating the domain and customize websites for businesses. 


Two of the biggest challenges are gaining bigger market access through online and marketing its services and products across borders. AUM is in the process of developing its own E-commerce portal in replacement of Digasto via outsourcing and it is planning to launch the product by 2022.


Awards and recognition


AUM has received numerous awards throughout the years.

·    In 2019, the company was selected by international jury to be in the semifinals of Bits & Pretzels Award.

·     Also, AUM was in the Top 30 Ambank BizRace in 2019.

·  Besides, AUM was among the top 100 startups that had been selected for the Maxis Market Access Day alongside with AirAsia, Ambank, Etiqa, Gamuda, KPMG, Maybank and Microsoft,

·  In addition to that, Mr. Azharee had also been invited to various TV shows such as Astro Awani and RTM TV 1 to participate in intellectual discussions. 



Operating in the digital marketing space, AUM faces competition from the following parties:


> Facebook Related E-commerce System

Online E-commerce / Website System

> Corporate Service Providers

> Individual Website Developer


Compared to the its competitors, AUM is unique in a number of ways:

   AUM provides complete digital solutions like Social Media Marketing, Digital System Adoption, Web development & Updates and the Certification by the relevant Certification Body for those who opt for the 1-year Coaching Subscriptions.

  AUM also integrates a wholesome E-commerce Solution like Cross-Border Payment Gateway & Last Mile Delivery & Agent System for all AUM's Digasto subscribers.

 AUM also has a very close working relationship with Government Agencies, Higher Learning Institutions, International Certification Bodies and NGOs that is in connection to SME Development to reach their targeted market segment




Historical financial performance from FYE2017 to FYE2018:

Forecast based on the following scenario:


1. Fundraise amount of RM250,000


2. Fundraise amount of RM500,000. 


1.         FYE Dec 2021- achieves RM 55k monthly revenue (min case)

2.         FYE Dec 2022- launch of new ecommerce portal (improved GP margin, 25% profit sharing with developer); expansion to Indonesia


AUM is led by a team of well qualified professionals with diversified industry experience ranging from business, consultancy, and digital multimedia. The team has over 13 years of experience in providing assistance to Micro & SME Business Owners. 


Abd Azharee bin Abdul Wahid (CEO)

Mr. Azharee has 13 years’ experience in Business. He holds a bachelor’s in electrical & Electronics Engineering and is currently pursuing MBA in UNITAR. 



Mr. Azharee has been bankrupt since 2010 due to unpaid credit card debt and house loan. The money from his credit card debt was being used to fund a startup where he was a shareholder. Mr. Azharee is currently in the process of discharging from his bankruptcy as his bankruptcy has been over 5 years.  


Djuan Onn Bin Abdul Rahman (Director)

Mr. Djuan has 20 years’ experience in Business & Consultancy. He is currently working part- time in AUM as communication chief. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management and is currently pursuing MBA in UNITAR. 


Adam Akashah (Head of Digital Multimedia)

Mr. Adam has 2 years experiences in Creative Design & Technical Support, and also earned a certificate in Creative Content Development. 


Umi Kalsom (Administration Chief/ Head of Admin & Finance)

Ms. Umi holds a bachelor’s degree in human Capital Development. She has 2 years of experience in Business Administration. 


  • Targeted fund raise amount – Minimum of RM 250,000. 
  • Pre- Money Valuation of RM 3,000,000
  • Use of Proceeds are as follows: 


Apportionment (%)

E-Commerce portal development


Sales & Marketing








Instrument            : Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (“RCPS”)

Interest                  : 8% per annum

Maturity Period  : 5 years

Redemption       : 1.3x investment amount







Investment amount payable by the investor (RM)





Maturity period (years)





Annual interest %





Total interest 





Capital gain upon maturity period





Additional benefits (Total value)





Total gain





Subscription of Digasto software (worth RM 1,500 annually)

1 year

(worth RM1,500)

2 years

(worth RM3,000)

3 years

(worth RM4,500)

4 years

(worth RM6,000)

Online virtual e-commerce workshop (per class, 2 hours) (worth RM 100)

2 classes (worth RM200)

3 classes (worth RM300)

4 classes (worth RM400)

5 classes (worth RM500)

Personal coaching (session)


1 session

(worth RM4,000)

3 sessions

(worth RM12,000)

5 sessions

(worth RM20,000)

All packages will be entitled to a monthly virtual group coaching (up to 2 hours) worth RM 12,000


The Investors shall receive the below packages based on their respective investment amount: -

(i)             For any investment amount equal to or more than RM 2,000 but below RM 5,000, the Investors shall receive the benefits under Gold Package. 

(ii)            For any investment amount equal to or more than RM 5,000 but below RM 10,000, the Investors shall receive the benefits under Platinum Package.

(iii)           For any investment amount equal to or more than RM 10,000 but below RM 15,000, the Investors shall receive the benefits under VIP Package; or

(iii)           For any investment amount equal to or more than RM 15,000, the Investors shall receive the benefits under VVIP Package.