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Book Event Spaces Instantly

Software & Services  

VMO aims to revolutionise the way people discover, compare and book event spaces. The online events platform matches busy corporate professionals and event organizers with the right venue for their event of choice. Search by "event type", "space" or even "number of guests". Whether you're planning a birthday party in an instagrammable cafe, a rocking party at a poolside, a product launch at a ...

104% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 250,000
  Committed Fund  MYR 250,000

Revolutionizing Real Estate Agency

Real Estate  

The Company is granted the right by RE/MAX LLC to license licensees to establish and operate RE/MAX-branded real estate agency offices/branches in Malaysia. Founded in 1973, RE/MAX is the of the world’s leading real estate agency. Today the brand operates in more than 100 countries with over 7,000 offices employing more than 110,000 agents.

164% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 200,000

Buy More Time To Get Things Done

Mobile  Extended

Timev is a mobile application platform which applies the concept of sharing economy by connecting people looking to sell their time with people who are looking to buy extra time. Buyers list out how much they are willing to pay for an hour with description of errands, and sellers search for the most suitable value errand by selling their time to earn money within 10- 50 km radius.

113% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 400,000

The Brick and Click for Meals

Consumer Products  

A local food delivery company that focuses on preparing local Malaysia dishes and providing delivery services to the consumers’ homes or offices. With its own central kitchen, it provides variety of choices such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Malaysian local cuisines. It has served more than 15,000 orders over 4 months with average of 100-150 orders per day since its inception in April 2016...

100% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 300,000

Fruity Icy Treats

Consumer Products  

Fruiti King’s ice cream and popsicles are created using a special fruit preservation technique that maintains the original taste, pulp texture and nutritional value of the fruit in their icy form. It is the only brand in Malaysia to offer such a high percentage of real fruit in each stick! Fruiti King had previously obtained investment from Netrove Ventures Group, and is now seeking to raise mo...

150% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 1,000,000

Nurture Nature

Biotechnology & Life Science  

Using state of the art green technology, Polyseed SSD Sdn Bhd develops, manufactures and distributes 100% Oxo-Biodegradable (eco-friendly) plastic products. The company's unflagging mission is to preserve our environment from the irreversible damage caused by excessive and inconsiderate consumption of conventional plastics by offering a greener, friendlier alternative—thereby combining profi...

101% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 400,000

Accelerating Path To Higher Education


When it comes to overseas tertiary education or career, the usual suspects are Australia, UK and US. However, there are other countries which are under-marketed and one of which is education in New Zealand. It is globally recognized but the assistance provided for international students pursuing higher education there is lacking. Edugat aims to be the go-to online platform that supports students a...

150% Funded   Funding Target  MYR 200,000